“I’m a Natural Parent – BUT…” Carnival

Do you consider yourself a part of the Natural Parenting community but have a little secret that would probably get you kicked out if other Natural Parents knew? We know we do and we’re sure there are more among us that follow certain Natural Parenting practices but not others. As Natural Parents we want to embrace those differences and celebrate each one of us no matter where we fall on the Natural Parenting spectrum. Summer is time for family vacations, reunions, picnics, gathering, fairs, etc. Join The Artful Mama and Our Feminist {Play} School and reflect on how the mainstream effects your Natural Parenting skills. Does your vacation spot not have easy access to healthy food choices or your specific dietary need? Does visiting family frown on your cloth diaper laundry? Do your friends mutter under their breathe that your child might need a time out? How do you handle these bumps in your Natural Parenting journey? Share with us about the time you let things slip and then let us know how you would have successfully navigated this, so we can triumph as well next time! Submission Details If you’ve never participated in a blog carnival, a carnival is an opportunity to read and write posts on a specific theme once a month from a variety of bloggers. Besides a monthly theme, a carnival has an overarching perspective, in our case, natural parenting and all its nuances. The submission deadline is August 31st, and the carnival posts on September 7th. To submit an article for consideration, please email your submission to both ShannonR {at} naturalparentsnetwork and lyndsay.kirkham {at} gmail {dot} com no later than 11:59p.m. PST on August 31st. You will also need to fill out certain details on the webform. Please write a new, previously unpublished post for the carnival. We will email you with instructions on posting before each carnival day. Please do not post your article until the carnival date. We reserve the right to accept submissions based on relevance to the topic and quality of writing. We also reserve the right to edit submissions for clarity, but we will never edit the substance or meaning of your article. Articles requiring excessive editing will be returned and may be accepted at a later date. What is not acceptable: While we realize no parent is the ‘ideal’ natural or attached parent, we do not want this carnival to be a platform for advocating for any practice which harms children – physically or emotionally. If you have questions about whether your topic would fit, please email me at ShannonR {at} naturalparentsnetwork {dot} com. As always, excessive profanity (there is a time and a place, but it’s not this carnival), poor spelling and grammar, personal attacks, off-topic articles, and articles that advocate for methods of parenting or family living that are directly contrary to natural parenting principles (e.g., we will not host an article on the benefits of spanking or “crying it out”). Grab our button:



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