Diaper Woes: Our Rash Salve Recipes

Little #2 is giving me a run for my money as a cloth diaper advocate. Since he began teething, he has been having a persistent diaper viagra medication rash in his cloth diapers. We would switch to disposables, strip our diapers and get the rash under control and no sooner did I put him in cloth and the rash would return.
I was beginning to lose hope and to feel like a fraud when friends I had convinced to switch were asking me if he was still having rash issues, as they were eying my ‘sposies. Yes, it was easier to not battle the rash and just use the disposable but I really hated having to remember to order the diapers before we ran out and the chunk it was taking from my bank account each month.
So now we are back on a routine of green tea baths and using a semi-homemade rash cream. It has been working pretty well unless he has a major diaper episode. Here is our recipe:
1oz coconut oil mixed with the contents of two shelf stable probiotics capsules.
It is simple and I’m not sure if the probiotics are actually doing anything more then plain coconut oil would but I figured they aren’t going to hurt anything either.
Do you have a favorite diaper rash remedy?

None of the above statements or content should be taken as medical advice. If you have a question or concern about you or your child’s health please consult a trusted professional.

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4 Responses to Diaper Woes: Our Rash Salve Recipes

  1. I am having the SAME issue!!! I am a huge advocate of cloth diapers, and I love the ones we used for #1, I kept them pristine and was super psyched to use them again. However, #2 has had a constant rash in them. It only gets better when we use disposables. We keep trying but her poor little red bum 🙁 We will try again when we start solid foods next month, maybe it will get better in time.

    • I keep wondering if maybe I need to do a sunning or boil my inserts. I keep trying and as long as I’m good and keeping him dry and changing quickly, his rash improves.

  2. Thankfully my almost 3 year old son hasn’t had any serious diaper rash issues. When he was really young I found some locally made bum salve that I loved but was expensive. I found this link online to make salve with calendula, beeswax and olive oil.. I use it on my son and my own skin when I have a scratch, a small wound or dry skin. Its wonderful and so easy to make. It also happensn to be cloth diaper friendly. http://adelightfulhome.com/how-to-make-calendula-salve-and-why-you-should/

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