Cloth Diaper Bag Essentials

What does a diaper bag look like when you use cloth?

A bag large enough for you to carry all that you need but not too large that you are going to need someone else to carry baby.
Diapers – enough for every two hours of time you plan to be out and then two more just in case
Change of clothing for baby
Change of clothing for caregiver
Wipes – cloth wipes best prices on brand viagra (2 per change) and wipe solution or package of disposable wipes
Cloth diaper safe rash cream – I like coconut oil
Changing pad
Water bottle and snack for mom
Possible: age appropriate food for baby

What do you keep in your cloth diaper bag?

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5 Responses to Cloth Diaper Bag Essentials

  1. Julia says:

    Much of the same! I don’t keep an outfit for me though although that’s probably very smart. 🙂 I do always have a burp cloth, not for spit up so much since that is a very rare occurrence for my baby, but just for any little mess that might need wiped up. You never know what you may encounter. 😉 I also have a wet bag.

    • How could I have forgotten to put wetbag on there!? Thanks for the reminder. Burp cloths are an excellent item to pack too. Little #2 hardly ever spit up so that is why that slipped my mind.

  2. Seymour Ashburn says:

    Would you go for a diaper bag with a shoulder strap or one in backpack design? A lot of the designs that are coming out in the market are in backpack design which is more convenient for any parent. With a backpack diaper bag, you have both hands free to take care of your baby and carry other stuff.’.

    Have a good one
    (Edited to remove link)

    • I think the choice in style of diaper bag is up to the user. Myself, I like a shoulder or cross body strap style because I I use my diaper bag as my purse and also I practice babywearing and may have a toddler on my back. But if someone felt that wearing a backpack style diaper bag, was more suitable to their lifestyle then, they should use that by all means.

  3. Brittany says:

    Hi! I have the same bag, and I love it! My bag consist of :

    Change of clothes for both my kids, or two.
    First aid/ medicine kit- complete with Tylenol suitable for both my kids.
    Spare disposable- she has her poopy days.
    2 diaper covers-baby
    6 inserts for an average day out.
    Odor remover
    Lightweight recovering blanket
    Sippy cup for Toddler
    Sunscreen and sun hats
    Paci wipes and spare paci
    Butt cream

    Mommy part:
    Lip balm
    Nursing cover
    Nip cream
    Nursing pads
    Spare charger
    Small notepad
    Keys, cell and wallet

    Everything is neat and tidy and I love it!

    Thank you!

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