…Now What!? Series

20130314-094158.jpg I have always prided myself on my preparedness. I grew up with parents that prepared me for a lot, my dad was a police officer for 29 years, my mom was spontaneous but organized, she was a nursery school teacher and later an office manager at an auto repair shop. They provided us with a lot of information and opportunities to prepare for the unexpected. I myself was an RA (Resident Assistant) in college, a coach, a teacher, a doula and now a mom. So I feel like I have a good handle most days when life throws things in my path and says, “Here you go, now what!?” But occasionally things have happened that have thrown me for a loop and I’d like to share some of the wisdom from those experiences as buy online viagra securely well as the experiences I have been prepared for.

Topics I’m going to cover will include the home, the car, daycare, travel and anything you suggest or I encounter. So send them in, throw them at me, challenge me, I want to explore preparation and need your help to do so.

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  1. Julia says:

    Preparing for birth 🙂

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