Breastfeeding and Babywearing – It's Awesome!

Snuggling Little #2

Before Little #2 was born I did a lot of research about how to prevent as well as overcome any breastfeeding difficulties that we might have come up against. I searched a lot of site, talked with a lot of other moms and reflected on my breastfeeding journey with Little Man in the early days. I knew what signs to be looking for, where to seek out the assistance I would need and most importantly to trust me and my baby. We did have difficulties and we did work through them and are an awesome breastfeeding duo if I do say so myself. One of the most enjoyable of these techniques that I found, that any parent can actually use with their child is a combination of skin-to-skin and babywearing.

  • Infant body temperature regulation
  • Womb-like experience – wrapped snuggly, heartbeat and breathing rhythms are present and familiar to baby
  • Infant is close to the breast for frequent feeding and comfort – increases mother’s milk supply as well as frequent feedings resulting in a higher fat content

Nursing in the Ring Sling

The benefits for me as a mother was I felt more centered and grounded while wearing Little #2.  I did not feel the constant need to keep checking him.  I did check him though to make sure I was wearing him safely.  I felt in tune with my newborn and was more readily able to recognize feeding cues, signs of tiredness and had a content newborn as a result.  I was also able to care for Little Man as pharmacy viagra well, we could continue our routines and Little #2 could safely accompany us on our walks, trips to the park or aquarium.

Other little bonus for me was that strangers were not touching Little #2 without permission or at all since he was close to me.

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40 Responses to Breastfeeding and Babywearing – It's Awesome!

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  6. Akaliene says:

    Both of your children are blessed to have such a good mom like you. I think more moms are open to breast feeding than when my niece was born 17 years ago.

    • Thank you, my hope is that with my openness about my challenges and success more mothers will be open to breastfeeding their children and encourage others to do so as well.

  7. I wish more people would research such important decisions!

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  9. Angeliina Lawson says:

    so many factors to which you speak of make *mothering* easier and I am happy to read more stories about the idea that carrying your baby actually makes it easier and better for baby. Babies body/brain are mapping the mother’s movements and learning how to use it’s body to function in the world–rolling over, sitting up, standing, walking and running…and so much more!

    • With a seven month old who thinks he can cruise along my furniture every time I try to do something, I’ve been wearing him even more to keep him out of trouble.

  10. Momma Jorje says:

    With one of my kids, I could nurse in the Ring Sling while shopping with no one the wiser. No one else felt right in the ring sling and I’ve never quite mastered nursing on the go since. I *can* nurse Spencer in our Boba, but it isn’t something I could actually DO while shopping.

    • I found that it is easiest for me if I use a top down approach – just enough that he can get at it. Plus that only requires one hand for me to control and is usually descrete enough that people aren’t looking into my carrier and bothering me.

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  12. Julia says:

    As you know, I love babywearing! I still haven’t managed nursing in my carriers that well yet though. Gotta keep practicing!

  13. I didn’t get much experience nursing while wearing Delilah, but I think it will be something I’m going to have to make an effort to master with number 2! If I can nurse him while wearing him, it will help keep my hands free to play with and keep up with his big sister! 🙂

  14. mari says:

    Awesome article. Along with breathing, heartbeat and temperature, the baby’s body also learns to regulate it’s blood pressure from the adult’s body. And it’s so interesting how different babies prefer breastfeeding in different carriers. It’s such a special thing, it’s worth finding a carrier and position that works.

    • Thanks for adding that part, Mari. It really is amazing how something as simple as holding your baby close to you can have so many unbelievable benefits. The wrapping part just makes our multitasking tendencies as a society so much easier.

  15. Morgan says:

    I can remember wearing my Sleepy Wrap 24/7 for the first 9-ish months of my daughter’s life. Then switched to the Ergo. I adored keeping her so close and miss it now that she’s 25 months and always running!

    • I feel the same way about my eldest. I did wrangle him into a wrap tonight and it was nice to have that closeness with him again even if it was brief.

  16. Angie says:

    Wearing #2 and #3 helped me to keep with the same rhythm our family had before the baby was born.

  17. Laura says:

    love to read positive stories about babywearing and breastfeeding!

  18. Amy Rhime says:

    I love the photos in this post, and your points are right-on, Shannon. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had to parent Daniel without babywearing, and it definitely made nursing on-the-go incredibly easy. Another thing I really appreciated about it (and one your photos illustrate) is how little skin shows when nursing while babywearing. It’s definitely a great combo!

  19. Liene says:

    I really appreiate how babywearing has allowed us to go as a family where strollers are prohibitive. Traveling with children is just so much easier when one is attached to you!

  20. Nichole Patrick says:

    Breast Feeding is best for baby!

  21. tree peters says:

    it’s perfect timing for me to read this post. My sister just had a baby two days ago! I’ll send her this link. Thanks!

  22. Ally M says:

    I adore wearing my baby and i think there is no more natural way to be with your child. I honestly dont think i would have survived the first few months without a carrier and now i am passing it on to my brother to use with his coming baby.
    Thank you for helping to spread the word!!

  23. Tracey says:

    When my kiddos were little I breastfed while babywearing often. Especially when running errands like grocery shopping.

  24. Ronda Combs says:

    I so wish I could have figured out how to nurse while wearing my baby. I loved nursing and wearing my baby

  25. Stephanie says:

    I wish I had read more articles like this before my children were born…it would have helped me realize that what everyone else around me was calling “spoiling” my kids, was really my natural motherly instinct kicking in.

    I had difficulty breastfeeding all 3…but also had no support and really didn’t know where to turn. I should have done a lot more research, but I’m glad to know now about all the resources out there for those of us interested in natural / attachment parenting.

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