Wearing Your Toddler While Pregnant – Part 1

Wearing Little Man in my BabyEtte Super-wide!

Little Man is still at the stage where there are times that either I don’t feel buy viagra canada comfortable having him walk or he doesn’t feel like walking and wants to be held.  I’m also at the point in the pregnancy where I don’t have the energy to just hold him in my arms.  I already own three different baby carriers so I felt that it was crazy for me to purchase a new one but I found that this logic wasn’t going to cut it since what I had just wasn’t working.

  • Moby (soft stretchy wrap) – This wrap had not worked for us before because I was not able to tie it tight enough to hold up Little Man’s weight.  Though this did have the widest variety of hold options.
  • An Infantino carrier (mei tai style) – This was my introduction to the back carry but as Little Man grew I was not confident with my ability to secure the ties on this carrier.
  • Boba G2 (soft structured carrier) – When it was just Little Man and I this was the most comfortable carrier I have ever own.  But with the additional body changes of pregnancy – I couldn’t find a way to wear it that was comfortable for both of us. They have since upgraded to the G3 model.

Since the house disaster we do not have our stroller with us and the cheapy umbrella stroller I bought in desperation does not cut it.  I was getting my hair cut and the appointment was too close the the closing time of daycare so I needed to have him with me.  He ended up rolling throughout the salon because his feet touch the ground.  I am not happy that it doesn’t recline either and it has no storage.  So in effect the $12 I spent at the bargain store was not exactly money well spent.

It has also become more evident that because our lives have been uprooted and the changes in my body as we prepare for Little #2 has resulted in Little Man becoming more clingy.  He wants to be with me all the time and since he has decided to cut back on his nursing he wants to be held instead.  I’m eager to have this bond with him I just physically am not always able to accommodate him.  This is especially true when we are out and I have packages, bags and a grouchy toddler.  So I needed some help.

I did a lot of research (about a week’s worth when not otherwise occupied as mom or work) and decided to try a woven wrap.  Most experienced babywearers agreed that they were able to find a comfortable way of wearing their toddler with a woven wrap.  I contacted Beth from BabyEtte on etsy to confirm with her that this would work for my body type and my needs.  She was extremely helpful and shared her personal experience and sent me resources as well to help me learn new holds.  I ended up splurging and purchased a ring sling directly from her because she had worn one during her pregnancy with her toddler.  She has another website that you can purchase her Haute Held wraps on which are very luxurious looking.

Sewing the edges of my woven wrap

Since I splurged I decided to try my hand at making my own woven wrap.  I’ve made quilts and diaper liners so I thought that I could handle this.  I found multiple resources online with instructions for making your own wrap.  I’m without my serger and sewing machine so I’m borrowing my mother in law’s sewing machine.  I went to Joann Fabric’s to get my material.  Did you know that they offer teacher discounts?  Whether you are a K-12 teacher or a homeschool teacher you can get 15% off your purchases and 20% off your entire first purchase.  I thought that was awesome!

I decided to get 5.5 yards of cotton gauze with finished edges and some all-purpose thread in a coordinating color.  The fabric I chose was similar in style to those really pricey Storchenwiege wrap. I actually haven’t used this wrap yet because I’ve fallen so in love with my ring sling. I did make a second one and give it to a friend of mine for her shower. She is due before me so I’ll have to let you know what she thinks. Do you have any babywearing experiences while pregnant? What is your favorite carrier?


  • Inhabitots- How to: Make Your Own Wrap Baby Carrier by Andrea McMann; I really liked this tutorial because of the accompanying photographs and her variation of adding the stencil to the center of the wrap.  It makes it very customizable.
  • Wear Your Baby.com – Make a Wrap Instructions for a no sew wrap and a really helpful table with photographs to help you choose your ideal fabric.
  • Your Sew Crafty – Woven wrap baby carrier by Nichole; She is pretty funny and has a video to demonstrate what she did.
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18 Responses to Wearing Your Toddler While Pregnant – Part 1

  1. oh ,y gosh – http://www.etsy.com/listing/83899963/baby-wrap-carrier-woven-cotton-gauze – that carrier is so pretty!! i’ve been wanting to make a woven carrier for ailia, but i’m not sure whether i want the gauze (is it really sturdy enough???) or something heavier… i’ll be curious to hear how you like yours!

    • You would definitely enjoy this wrap. If you are worried about it holding her you can talk to Beth. She says it works up to 35lbs. But you could always see if she could do a custom for you with a double layer. But since it’s a wrap there would be multiple layers holding her up. That pattern is gorgeous.

  2. Jessica A. says:

    This is a great article! I have a 2yr old and a 3yr old and we are trying for our 3rd right now. I want to be able to wear my 2 yr old while I am pregnant or right after I deliver, but had no idea what the good options for this were since the resources out there are endless. This points me a the right direction, thank you!

  3. Jan Messali says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I think the ring sling is important. I didn’t know I could get a teacher discount at JoAnn’s. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    • Jan I had no idea either until I found it by accident on their site while searching for the store hours. What is great also is that you can get coupons thoughout the year for different items or whole purchases.

  4. Susie says:

    When I was pregnant with my second and my first wanted to be carried, I used a podegi (another asian carrier like the mei tai but without the 2 bottom straps) and the Ergo. I was able to babywear until I went into labor…not for extended amout of time but enough for my oldest daughter to get her cuddles. When my belly was really big, I loosened the waistbelt of the Ergo and wore it low under the belly. It provided a little belly support too. With the podegi, I usually tied the straps high.

    • Susie that is great that you were able to wear your little one for that long. I definitely agree for pregnant mamas – moderation in babywearing is best.

  5. Lexi Conklin says:

    Omg! i don’t know how you do it. having a toddler being pregnant and making your own wrap! good for you

  6. Hannah says:

    Cool! 🙂

  7. katie says:

    This was so helpful, thank you! We’re not avoiding anymore at this point and I love all the helpful hints I can find on wearing an older baby while pregnant..if and when it happens. =)

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  9. Thanks for sharing this! I’m sure this will help so many mamas.

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