2011 Wrap-up and New Beginnings

So I’ve been MIA for a few months.  You may or may not have noticed or cared but I’m feeling chatty and reflective today so I’m back.  I decided that I needed a break back in August and then that break snow-balled into much longer then I had anticipated.  I was again finding myself at odds with motherhood, work, blogging and self so I had to choose some to put on the back burner and blogging lost – which is viagra in the uk okay we are all allowed as bloggers to have a moment where we realize we do not have anymore to give at this moment and have to step back.

So let us start with the wrap up.  I wanted to thank some thoughtful writers/contributors as well as my very generous sponsors and also point you in the direction of some really great sites I’ve found over this past year.


These ladies wrote beautiful articles for me and I appreciated them so much.  I also found time to meet Amy in person and I am so happy that I did.  She is as mindful and genuine  in real life as she is on her website.


Many thanks to my generous sponsors and hopefully if you haven’t checked them out yet – you will.  The products and service that I received from each of these businesses we wonderful.

  • January 2011 – Squishy Tushy Review – Please make sure you stop in to check out their brand new updated online store.  This was the place of my very first fluffy purchase.  Note: Apparently there was a disaster and they will be closed until further notice so check back for updates.
  • April 2011 – Roundhouse Designs Review – I had the chance to review and giveaway one of Roundhouse’s awesome Oh Plah! Teething Bracelets.  If you are in the market for a really cool teething toy that is also fashionable – this is it!
  • May 2011 – Inspired by Finn Review – they allowed me to review one of their amber necklaces this month and Little Man still wears his daily.  I love it and when the next one arrives I’ll be going back to purchase one for them.  Check out their site for amber and hazelwood necklaces.
  • July 2011 – The Freedom of Cloth Carnival – Melissa from Vibrant Wanderings and myself co-hosted a cloth carnival and had many excellent and generous sponsors.  The sponsors that I reviewed are MomsCrafts4U, Two Hip Peas in a Pod and I wrote about my very own homemade cloth diaper liners.  I provided a tutorial to make your own on Natural Parents Network.
  • Freedom of Cloth Carnival
  • August 2011 – Katherine Havener “Nursies When the Sun Shines” – I did not write this review but I cross-posted it for Natural Parents Network because it is an excellent read with gorgeous illustrations.
  • August 2011 – ConservingNow – I reviewed their Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bag which is faithfully following me around town tucked neatly into my purse.

Things that were on my mind in 2011

  • Little Man turned 1!  I was so proud to be his mother and to watch how he has grown.  I am looking forward to many more exciting adventures and learning so much from him.  I cannot wait to see what kind of big brother he is going to be!  You can find my week long ramblings leading up to his birthday here.  They are all have This Moment in the title.  Plus be sure to check out my post about the Hero’s Birthday Hat for the Families, Create! Make and Play Carnival cohosted by Code Name: Mama and Living Peacefully with Children.
  • Breastfeeding and pumping was another big topic for me.  I had entered the world of extended nursing as well as becoming a breastmilk donator.
  • As usual I had cloth on the brain.  I gushed about my experiences during the Freedom of Cloth Carnival and I also became a Diaper Parties Representative for Everything Birth.
  • Work was a big thing for me as well.  This was part of my first full year of teaching while a mother.  I think I navigated it with grace for the most part.  we did have some bumps in the road but Little Man and I survived.

So what was I doing between August and December?

  • I went to visit my parents in Florida and found out I was expecting our second child.  I decided to take my break then because I did not want to tell all of you before I told my family and friends.
  • Just around the time I thought I would begin blogging again we had a snowstorm in October.  During that storm we lost our house to a beautiful oak tree, a whole mess of snow and a huge gust of wind!  Little Man and I were asleep in the house when the tree came down nearly on top of us but someone was definitely looking out for us because we survived.  I really did want to write about this but finding time and a place to write was difficult.
  • We moved into an apartment and began our “dance” with the insurance company.  I won’t mention who they are but every time I see one of their commercials I want to smash my TV ala Office Space smack-down on that evil copier machine.  But we finally reached an agreement and are set to begin rebuilding in January.  However, I’m told I should not expect to be back in my house before Litte #2 arrives in April – but a mama can hope.

Little #2

We had news that Little #2 may have Down’s Syndrome according to a screening they preformed on me.  We went for a Level 2 Ultrasound and they were able to cut our risk in half.  We decided that we were not going to go for any further testing because of how invasive it is and we both agreed that no matter what this is our baby and we did not need to know.  I had huge support from Momma Jorje and the other volunteers at Natural Parents Network.  They have provided me with lots of information and Momma Jorje just welcomed her son, Spencer into the world who was born with DS and she is such an amazing, strong wonderful mother who is currently breastfeeding and expressing for her son who is still in the NICU.  Fine and Fair organized a virtual benefit to help offset the expenses that Momma Jorje is having so that she can stay near enough to the hospital to breastfeed Spencer.  If you are able to contribute please do.

What can you expect from me in 2012

  • More contributions to the Carnival of Natural Parenting – the first one will be in January where I’ll be divulging my green resolution.
  • A little bit about child-led weaning.
  • My birth journey – I really do want to share how I am preparing for this birth.  I feel much more informed about my choices and desire to have an empowered birth.
  • Breastfeeding a second child and depending on that child-led weaning possible tandem nursing.
  • Continued AP and Working Mother musings.
  • Hopefully some awesome giveaways!
  • Updates on the house rebuild as well.
  • Mamatography with Diary of a First Child. I got some great new lenses for my camera so hopefully that will keep me engaged enough so that I keep up with the challenge.
  • Mamatography 2012


I’m looking forward to 2012 and wish you a prosperous and wonderful new year!

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  1. Julie M. says:

    This is a great review of the year, and a great idea!!! I am excited to see your progress in the future with baby #2. Also gonna go check out the breastfeeding donation!


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