Hybrids: My Go-To Diaper

Welcome to the First Annual Freedom of Cloth Carnival

This post was written for inclusion in the Freedom of Cloth Carnival hosted at Natural Parents Network by Melissa of The New Mommy Files and Shannon of The Artful Mama. This year’s carnival will run from Sunday, July 3rd through Saturday, July 9th. Participants are sharing everything they know and love about cloth diapering, including how cloth has inspired them.

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My Flips - neatly stored and ready for action

As a working family we need to have a simple, yet flexible diapering system. One that can easily be used by many different caregivers and will last through one child from birth to potty learning and hopefully the next.  I started out diapering with the Flip system and have used it for the past 14 months.  I have only had one diaper cover in the system break an elastic and have used both the cotton microfiber and organic cotton inserts.  I have yet to try the Flip disposable inserts but we know they are there just in case we need them.

If I had to choose only one diaper for my own stash or to suggest to others it would be hybrids.  They are so flexible and adapt to a variety of situations.  They are also unbelievably easy to use – you just lay the insert in the cover, snap and go.  At diaper changes you remove the insert, replace a new insert and go.  So easy!  I swap back and forth between two covers with each change so that the cover has time to dry out.  Only at the end of the day or if it gets soiled do I replace it with a new cover.

Cover adjust to "medium" rise

What is nice about hybrids is that they are trim fitting diapers.  Hybrids consist of a cover – typically a adjustable one-size and an absorbent pad – either reusable or disposable.  The pad and adjustable size feature allows for a close to custom fit for your baby.  I have been able to put “skinny” jeans on my son while wearing his hybrids.

Washing is very easy with hybrids as well.  Everything is washed at the same time and then inserts go into the dryer and covers hang dry.  If I am in a hurry I can take a towel and wipe off the inside of the cover, toss it for a quick low heat tumble and use it right away.  They are great also for keeping your wash load small as well since the pads are not bulky and you don’t have to replace a cover with every diaper change.

Hybrid diapers are an affordable diapering choice because of the options they offer families.  You only need a few covers and enough pads for however many diaper changes you typically do in between washes.  These diapers can be used for day and night diapers with a few minor adjustments as well.  I have used them overnight successfully with the organic cotton insert or by adding a booster bad with my microfiber insert.  I have also used the pads alone in a snug wool cover, overnight.

Hybrids really do last from birth to potty training.  I have heard other parents complain that their toddler has gotten into their disposable diaper or aplix closure cloth diapers and made a mess.  I have not had that experience with these because they are snap closures.  When my son started crawling and walking – I did not have leaking, drooping or bunching issues.  I adjusted the rise or the waist and it was like a brand new diaper.

Photo by: Nicole Pliego Photography

To me, hybrids are just as cute as any of the AIOs, covers or pocket diapers out there as well.  I used our hybrids in my son’s First Birthday photo session.  The colors that are available for hybrid diaper covers coordinate well with children’s clothing, adorable baby leg warmers or birthday cake!


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7 Responses to Hybrids: My Go-To Diaper

  1. I love hearing about other cloth diapering mama’s favorite diapers. Oh, those hybrids look nice. I have a few of them, but never knew they were called hybrids. Now I have a new diaper to refer to and confound my husband with. Ha!

    You are so right about snap closures being more long lasting, too. Plus, they’re not as easy for baby to take off on their own and quieter for that matter.

  2. Melissa says:

    I love the idea behind hybrids, but they’re the one diaper style I have to admit I have never tried. You make such a great case for them that I think I may have to snag one or two up next time I see a deal.

    I love the birthday cake photo!

  3. I definitely think that hybrids should have a place in everyone’s stash. They are great for novice and experienced cloth families. Really you can stuff them with anything as long as you fold it up into a rectangle. I have used infect prefolds in these as well and I have heard of other moms just using the cover like a regular diaper cover over fitteds, prefolds or flats. The versatility never ends!

  4. Great post! I must admit I have never tried the Flip Diapers but have only heard good things about them. Your post makes me want to try them but I think my hubby will kill me if I buy anymore diapers at this point haha.

  5. Christy – I’m in the same boat with my hubby. He has said no more diapers. But every once in awhile I get to purchase one diaper at a time and then I have to choose very wisely. This carnival is giving me so many new ideas of diapers I want to own. It is going to take a lot of self control not to go buying all the cute diapers I see.

  6. I’m so with you on the snap closure – we were disenchanted with aplix mainly after they started disintegrating with time/laundering. And I do the same thing you’re doing, but with pocket diapers – we use them as covers and use prefolds and/or inserts on the outside (rather than stuffing them). That way I can use the covers more time in between washings, giving them a longer life.

  7. Heather says:

    Ahh, so THAT’S what a hybrid is! We have some gDiapers in our stash and, like you, have never used the disposable option, but I agree that they are great. Ours are aplix, but they velcro in back, where she couldn’t get to them. I’ve seen Flip inserts, but not the covers before. Cute!

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